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Cooling and Heating

cooling and heating service in progress

Your cooling and heating systems are just like many other components of your car. Over time they can experience wear and tear that leads to problems. We’ve all experienced the problem of the heater or cooler in our car not doing their job properly. This is an obvious sign that you have a problem. We are the mechanic that can help you do something about it. We are experienced in providing services, including inspections and repair, for the heating and cooling systems of your car. Our car repair Omaha service is the best way to get your AC or heater working again.

Cooling and Heating

Your cooling and heating systems are yet another system in your car that can experience a range of problems. Problems with your AC or heating, whilst not likely keeping you off the road, can have a real impact on you when you are driving. It’s no good freezing or sweating are you try to get from point A to point B. Our service is fully versed in providing inspection, diagnostic and repair work for the cooling and heating systems of your car. So, if you’ve noticed a problem with your heater or AC, our service can make sure that it gets fixed.

Inspect and Repair

The heating and cooling services that we offer run on a very simple format. That is: inspection and repair. Our expert team can provide a full inspection of your heating or AC system in order to determine with complete surety that there’s a problem. This process can involve everything from visual inspections to performing leak and performance tests. Once we have determined if there’s a problem, then we get to work to quickly find the root cause of the issue, and perform the necessary work to fix it. This could include repair or replacement work, depending on the problem that you have.

Signs of Problems

As with any problem that arises with your car, there will be signs if there’s a problem with your heating or cooling systems. When it comes to your AC system, some common signs include a strange smell coming from your vents, strange noises and, of course, air is blowing but it’s not cool. For your heating, it’s important to look out for a sudden increase in the amount of coolant that your car needs, plus the aforementioned strange noises and smells. Your windows fogging up can also be a sign that there’s an issue.


Ultimately, our heating and cooling services are all about helping you to keep your car comfortable. Without proper heating, it can get freezing in your car during the winter, and of course the reverse is true in the summer. This can make driving unpleasant at best. With our affordable and expert service here to keep your AC or heater running properly, you can make sure that you are comfortable in your car year round, and you don’t have to dread driving to work anymore.

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